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Now selling the DCAT compact armors tool, everything you need to build an AR-15 in something the size of a large cigar.

PLEASE Download this manual, and print a copy for yourself. DCAT Manual

Video directions for D-CAT are also available.


Clinker Reduction Frangible 12 Gauge shotgun ammunition, ~1650 fps, 2-3/4 sintered copper powder slug. Intended for industrial use, however this is a slightly faster version of the Engel Ballistic Research Entry slug, and can be used as a primary self defense round indoors, or as a door breaching round.

This is a 'once surface' round: It will dump all of it's energy on the first surface it hits, with devastating results. The copper breaks down into a very high density fluid powder and will find every crack and weakness to flow into at high velocity. The effects on fluid filled targets is explosive. It is much safer than any conventional lead or copper slug in that it is much less lethal after penetrating drywall and similar materials: the copper is a talcum powder fine dust after the first surface it hits.

Hot coal clinkers are strong in compression, but weak is shear, this high density fluid will find the voids and pores and fill them with high momentum copper, rather than just crushing them shut. In addition the copper power will react with the clinker, causing a immediate chemical reaction that will weaken the clinker.

Two applications, take your pick.

Firearms/Title II sales

Walk in Hours: Monday 4pm to 5pm, some Fridays by appointment.

Contact me at 505 690 5008, or email at orders at sci-tac dot com

Transfer Fees: At the bottom of this page

30+ AR-15 lower receivers in stock, built up upper receivers to your specifications. 29+ uppers in 223,5.56, 300 BO, 22LR and in stock.

Anderson AM-15 lowers Starting at $95/each.

Hearing Protection Act:

  1. It's not Law
  2. It can't be done by Executive Order
  3. It's been introduced in the House since 2014
  4. Do you really think every R and an additional 8 D's will vote to break a filibuster ?

Loads of suppressors in stock. I can order any manufacturers suppressors, just ask.




Silencer Co

Now selling Optimal Twist barrels for the 10/22.

10/22 are sold out, only 77/22 available at this time.

These barrels are stainless steel, 16-1/2" long with a 1:11.25 twist rate designed to stabilize the Aguila SSS 60 grain 22LR ammunition, without over spinning conventional 40 grain ammunition. These are chambered using a Bentz reamer for optima accuracy in the semi-auto 10/22.

Ruger 77/22 barrels: Limited availability, starting at $225

Adapters to mount 77/22 bbls on 10/22: $25, or $15 with purchase of above barrel.

Ruger 77/22 barrels, Ultra Premium, shipped with a 25 yard target < 0.100" group. $360

Thread protectors for the 10/22:
0.435" long, knurled, stainless, and 0.92" diameter to match the bull barrel 10/22 or 77/22.  $11 each+ $6 shipping on any quantity US domestic Priority Mail

NEW : Reversible thread protectors, will fit the 0.64" long thread, or reverts it and have a ~40 degree coned muzzle nut that protects the muzzle and threads of your 0.4" nominal threaded bull barrel. $16 each + $6 shipping on any quantity, US domestic Priority mail 

Title I firearm Transfer Fees:

(Normal rifles/pistols/shotguns) transfer fee is $40, as long as you pick the gun up promptly.

NFA Transfer Fees
New NFA Paperwork Fee paid to Sci Tac, as of June 16 2016

Sci Tac does high end Title I sales only, if you can buy it at major chain (Wal Mart or Sportsman's Warehouse), we don't sell it.